How much cash will we get in a non-bank loan?

We divide non-bank loans into two groups – quick, one-off and short-term payday loans as well as installment loans. The type of payday payment affects the amount of cash that we can receive from such a Lender. These amounts range from several hundred to even tens of thousands of zlotys, we usually need for a major home renovation or car repair. So what is the highest amount of cash we can borrow outside the bank and in a proven loan company?

Up to USD 3,000 with short-term payday

Up to USD 3,000 with short-term payday

Short-term loans, such as the first payday payday for USD 0 or another with additional costs, with a maturity of up to 30 or 60 days, usually range from a few hundred to a maximum of USD 3,000. Therefore, if we need a small amount of financial injection at one time, and we do not have much to borrow from, this solution is helpful and still profitable.

It is different if our needs, such as repairing or buying a new car, which we commute to work every day, require more cash. Then the Lenders offering payday installments come to the rescue.

Conditions to be met to receive payday installments

Conditions to be met to receive payday installments

Not all loan companies offer such high amounts of cash. It is better to risk less, although even then the income is also proportionately lower than to lecture and invest larger amounts of money to borrow. Most non-bank Lenders probably make this assumption. This is clearly seen in the number of loan companies that offer payday loans up to 30 days – there are about twenty of them, and only ten of them have more installment cash.

In addition to a positive credit history, equally important are fixed monthly income, which the Borrower must confirm on one of two documents. Either on the statement of earnings or on the certificate from the employer. The required constant income is usually at least USD 700 net of tax per month. This procedure is not used for one-off payouts of up to USD 3,000, unless the customer is already on the blacklist of one of the register of indebted persons. Thanks to constant income, regardless of the type of contract, such a person has a chance to borrow several hundred zlotys.

Where do you get payday installments?

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Trying to answer the question asked in the title of the article – how much cash will we get in a non-bank loan company? There is no clear answer. Although there are limits for payday loans, starting from 50 zlotys to 15000-20000 zlotys, available until recently only in banks, everything depends on the Borrower individually. It is influenced not only by the amount of fixed, monthly income, but also by the client’s previous financial history, his current expenses, age and another loan repaid on time in a given company.

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